December 15, 2022

A simple solution

In 1957 a new Pontiac could be purchased with a host of options (I have the book) and one item available was a vinyl dash pad. Dealer installed. Mine came with one. And as be to expected, it didn't hold up very well over time. When I first saw it I knew it had to go, it was a real mess but wasn't sure how difficult the removal would be. Not very as it turned out. But, there was an issue to deal with afterwards.

Seems the install of this dash pad, by the dealer (and not very well done at that) included drilling massive holes into car's pristine dashboard to attach mounting clips. What the hell? After tossing around several solutions to try and fix the problem including brazing and body filler, I eventually settled on simply covering them up with a custom, hand formed piece of trim after finding a suitable donor (1965 Chevy Impala wagon side trim) in my stash.

The pictures tell the tale starting with the exposed dash. In the end, I don't think it turned out too bad for a first attempt.

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